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2020 Summer Olympics in Tokyo

In the summer of 2020, Tokyo is holding olympic games. This is the biggest hope for Japanese and lots of topics are tipped on media even now.
Olympic games in Tokyo had been an ambition for years. Tokyo Olympic in 1964 is remenbered as a symbol of recovery from the tremendous damege of the lost of World War II. Japanese of these days are very encoraged watching Japanese players flourished and got medals.
After that, winter Olympic held in Sapporo and Nagano. Both of them succeeded and Japanese people had started to dreame a enthusiasm in Summer olympic again. Olympic games also bring economic growth. Japanese society in deflation for over 15 years hope a breakthrough for future. This is why winning in selection for Olympic in 2020 was the most pleasing news for every Japanese people.
Otherwise, some people demur at holding Tokyo Olympic for some reason. At the final speach of the selection, Japanese Prime Minister, Shinzo Abe said “Fukushima radioactive water woes are under control”. This sent shock waves through the Japanese public opinion. In fact, the situation in Fukushima is unpredictable now.
Then, what should we hope for Tokyo Olympic 2020? I thought about it and try to describe in this site. Please comment me and make Tokyo Olympic succeed together.

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